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January 05th, 1967

Jimi Hendrix is interviewed for a February article in Rave magazine.

January 06th, 1967

The Jimi Hendrix Experience participate in a photo session for Fabulous 208.

January 11th, 1967

After a day full of recording at DeLane Lea Studios, The Jimi Hendrix Experience performed two shows at the venerable Bag O'Nails. Hendrix continued to make waves in the local music scene, and whenever possible a large group of fellow musicians would attend The Experience's shows.

On this date it has been reported that The Beatles' Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were in attendance, as was The Who's Pete Townshend and John Entwistle, The Rolling Stones' Bill Wayman, The Cream's Eric Clapton, Lulu, The Animal's Eric Burdon, Georgie Fame, Geno Washington, Denny Lane, and Donovan. This evening also marks the first time that Jimi Hendrix meets guitar effects wizard Roger Mayer, who would later create several effects pedals for the guitarist.

January 12th, 1967

The Experience perform at the 7 1/2 Club, which marks the club's opening night of performances.

January 12th, 1967

The Jimi Hendrix Experience appear at Radio London's booth at the International Racing Car show held at the Olympia in London. Their mimed performance is reportedly filmed for Radio London but it never airs. Hendrix later laments about the miming experience in a January 28th interview published in New Musical Express saying, "The one thing I really hate is miming, it's so phony. So far the only thing I was asked to mime was a Radio London appearance and I felt guilty just standing there holding a guitar. If you want to scream and holler at a record you can do that at home, I'm strictly a live performer."