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February 13, 1968

Jimi Hendrix records a series of songs at Sound Center Studios (247 West 46th Street) in New York City. Recordings on this date include “My Friend” which features Ken Pine (12-string), Paul Caruso (harmonica), Jimmy Mayes (drums) and Stephen Stills (piano) accompanying Hendrix playing a bass guitar. The song would be later released on the posthumous album The Cry Of Love in 1971. Noel Redding joined the session later in the evening bringing rise to an instrumental workout of “Little Miss Lover” and while Hendrix records a version of “1983…(A Merman I Should Turn To Be).”

Jimmy Mayes Ken Pine Little Miss Lover My Friend New York City Noel Redding Paul Caruso Recording Sound Center Studios Stephen Stills

March 01, 1968

Jimi Hendrix, along with Noel Redding, spends the evening at The Scene Club in New York City.

Jimi Hendrix New York City Noel Redding Personal the scene club

April 05, 1968

The Jimi Hendrix Experience are scheduled to play at the Symphony Hall in Newark, New Jersey. After playing one improvisation that he dedicated to the slain activist, Hendrix left the stage. He later jammed with Buddy Guy at Generation in New York City.

Buddy Guy Live New Jersey New York City Newark Symphony Hall The Jimi Hendrix Experience

May 01, 1968

The Experience work at the Record Plant in New York City. During the session, the group creates the basic track for “House Burning Down” and complete the recordings of “Gypsy Eyes” with take 5 being marked as ‘complete.’ The group also revisit “Tax Free” with Hendrix playing his guitar through a Leslie speaker on two of the takes; the later being marked as ‘use.’

Gypsy Eyes House Burning Down New York City Record Plant Recording the experience

May 10, 1968

The Experience perform two shows at the Fillmore East in New York City, with support from Sly & the Family Stone and the Joshua Light Show. One of the sets, lasting 50 minutes includes performances of “Lover Man,” “Fire,” “Foxey Lady,” “Red House,” “Hey Joe,” “Sunshine Of Your Love,” “Hear My Train A Comin’,” Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window,” “Purple Haze,” and “Wild Thing.”

Fillmore East Joshua Light Show Live New York City Sly & the Family Stone the experience

June 13, 1968

Jeff Beck joins Hendrix in a charity jam session at Reality House Rehabilitation Center in New York City.

charity Jeff Beck Live New York City Reality House Rehabilitation Center

July 01, 1968

Jimi Hendrix jams with Graham Bond at the Record Plant in New York City. Hendrix records the jam, however due to extensive technical difficulties the poor quality of the surviving recordings has rendered the tape useless.

Graham Bond Jimi Hendrix Live New York City Record Plant

August 05, 1968

The Experience return to New York City

New York City Personal the experience

August 12, 1968

The Experience return to New York City where Hendrix joins Joan Baez in attendance at the “Operation Airlift Biafra Benefit” at the Scene Club. Hendrix reportedly performs a small set for the event. Jimi Hendrix is joined by Paul Caruso on harmonica at the Record Plant for three demo recordings of “Room Full of Mirrors.”

New York City Operation Airlift Biafra Benefit Personal Scene Club the experience

August 25, 1968

The Experience perform two shows at the Carousel Theatre in Framingham, Massachusetts with support from Soft Machine. The set includes “Johnny B. Goode,” “Hey Joe,” “Sunshine Of Your Love,” “Fire,” “Purple Haze,” “Wild Thing,” and “Star Spangled Banner.” Jimi drives back to New York City immediately following the show.

Carousel Theatre Framingham Live Massachusetts New York City Soft Machine

November 04, 1968

The Experience return to New York City for few days rest. Several record stores throughout Britain stop selling The Experience’s latest release, Electric Ladyland because of the controversial artwork consisting of 19 naked women on the cover.

Electric Ladyland New York City Personal the experience

November 28, 1968

November 28, 1968 Philharmonic Hall New York, N.Y. Two Shows 1st Show: Fire I Don’t Live Today Hear My Train A Comin’ Spanish Castle Magic Foxey Lady Red House Sunshine Of Your Love Purple Haze

1968 electronic thanksgiving Fire Foxey Lady hear my train a comin' i don't live today Live new york New York City November 28 Philharmonic Hall Purple Haze Red House spanish castle magic sunshine of your love

November 01, 1969

Jimi Hendrix moves into an apartment at 59 West 12th Street in New York City.

59 West 12th Street apartment New York City Personal

January 07, 1970

Hendrix returned to the Record Plant (321 West 44th Street, New York City) for a studio session that resulted in three takes of “I’m A Man,” (AKA “Stepping Stone”) and one take of “Cherokee Mist” being put to tape. Take three of “I’m A Man” resulted in the basic track that would be revisited again during the session on January 20.

1970 Cherokee Mist hendrix records I’m A Man January 20 january 7 New York City Recording tepping Stone the Record Plant

March 19, 1970

Hendrix flies back to New York City.

New York City Personal

April 18, 1970

Hendrix flies from New York City to Los Angeles, California in preparation for the upcoming US Tour.

Events Los Angeles New York City Tour

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