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Jimi Hendrix Encyclopedia

Did you see Jimi Hendrix in concert? Did you meet Jimi Hendrix or have the opportunity to interview him or have some other unique, first-person encounter with Jimi Hendrix? If so, Experience Hendrix wants to hear from you.

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February 12, 1967

Photographer Bernard Wagner completes a photo session with Jimi Hendrix outside of his apartment at 34 Montagu Square on Marylebone.

1967 Bernard Wagner City of Westminster February february 12 London Marylebone Montagu Square Personal Photo Session Photographer United Kingdom

March 02, 1967

Jimi Hendrix signs a US record contract with Warner Bros.

1967 Contract 48 Gerrard Street Anim Office City of Westminster Jimi Hendrix London March March 2 Personal United Kingdom

March 04, 1967

Jimi Hendrix visits the studios at Radio Europe No. 1 where he listens to Johnny Hallyday’s rendition of “Hey Joe.”

1967 Appearance Europe No. 1 France Île-de-France Jimi Hendrix March 4 Paris Personal

March 21, 1967

Jimi Hendrix and his girlfriend Kathy Etchingham and Chas Chandler and his girlfriend Lottie Lexon move to their new flat at 43 Upper Berkeley Street in London. Their new flat is merely 7 blocks away from their old place at 34 Montagu Street.

1967 43 Upper Berkeley Street City of Westminster Jimi Hendrix Jimi's Apartment Kathy Etchingham London March March 21 Marylebone New Apartment Personal United Kingdom

January 10, 1968

Hendrix checks in at Gothenburg police headquarters. He must report there every day until January 15.

Gothenburg Hendrix Personal police

January 17, 1968

Chas Chandler accompanies Hendrix on a flight from Gothenburg to London.

Chas Chandler Gothenburg London Personal

January 19, 1968

Jimi Hendrix attends a party at the Apple offices on Saville Row, where he is interviewed for the London Herald. The party is held to celebrate Apple’s signing of The Grapefruit. Members of the Beatles, Brian Jones and Kathy Etchingham also attend.

Beatles Brian Jones Jimi Hendrix Kathy Etchingham London Herald Personal Saville Row

March 01, 1968

Jimi Hendrix, along with Noel Redding, spends the evening at The Scene Club in New York City.

Jimi Hendrix New York City Noel Redding Personal the scene club

March 06, 1968

Mitchell and Redding return to New York. Hendrix jams with The Hollies at The Scene Club.

Mitchell Personal Redding The Hollies the scene club

March 14, 1968

Hendrix attends a reception for Soft Machine at The Scene Club.

Personal reception Soft Machine the scene club

March 20, 1968

Hendrix writes in his journal today: “We left Ottawa City today – I kissed Joni goodbye, slept in the car awhile. Stopped at a highway diner. I mean a Real one like in the movies. Mitch and I discuss our plans for movie. Slight disagreement here and there but it will be soon straightened out. Nothing happened in Rochester tonight. Went to a very bad bad (illegible) bad tasting restaurant. Thugs follow us. They probably was sacred. Couldn’t figure us out. Me with my Indian hat and Mexican moustach [sic], Mitch with his fairy tale jacket and Noel with his leapeord [sic] band hat and glasses and hair. And accent. G’nite all.”

journal Mitch Noel Personal

April 01, 1968

The Experience arrive in Montreal, Canada.

Canada Montreal Personal the experience

May 22, 1968

Mitch Mitchell, Noel Redding and his sister Vicki, and Eric Barrett arrive in Italy after flying from London’s Heathrow International Airport.

Heathrow International Airport Italy Mitch Mitchell Noel Redding Personal

May 27, 1968

The Experience travel from Bologna to London, making stops in both Milan and Geneva before arriving at their final destination. Once at Heathrow, Hendrix is quickly whisked away for a return flight back to New York City.

Bologna London Personal the experience

June 01, 1968

The Experience fly from Zurich, Switzerland to London, England.

England London Personal Switzerland Zurich

June 07, 1968

Hendrix, Mitchell and Redding travel from London to New York City.

Hendrix Mitchell Personal Redding

June 12, 1968

Redding and Mitchell travel to Majorca, Spain with Kathy Etchingham, Angie Burdon, Gerry Stickles, and Neil Landon.

Angie Burdon Gerry Stickles Kathy Etchingham Majorca Mitchell Neil Landon Personal Redding Spain

July 04, 1968

Jimi, Mitch and Noel travel from New York to London’s Heathrow International Airport. Back in London, Jimi moves into his new flat at 23 Brook Street in London, W1.

Heathrow International Airport Jimi Mitch new york Noel Personal

July 10, 1968

The Experience’s London-based management office, Anim, closes its Gerrard Street office down and moves Jane Simmons, the administrator of The Official Jimi Hendrix Fan Club to the offices of Track Records on Old Compton Street in London where she continued to manage the original Fan club.

Anim Gerrard Street Jane Simmons Old Compton Street Personal the experience

July 14, 1968

Eric Barrett and Keith Altham join Noel Redding on a flight from London to Terrino, Spain for a few days of relaxation.

Eric Barrett Keith Altham Noel Redding Personal Spain Terrino

July 16, 1968

Jimi, Mitch and Noel spend the day at Lauro Verde Beach in Palma, Spain. Home videos recorded by Noel Redding are later presented in the Southbank Documentary in October 1989.

Jimi Lauro Verde Beach Mitch Noel Palma Personal Spain

July 19, 1968

The Experience travel to London, England.

England London Personal the experience

July 25, 1968

The Experience fly from Heathrow International Airport to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.

Heathrow International Airport Personal the experience

July 28, 1968

Jimi, Mitch and Noel fly from New York City to Los Angeles, California.

California Jimi Los Angeles Mitch Noel Personal

August 01, 1968

Jimi, Mitch and Noel attend a Love-In at Beauregarde Square in New Orleans with music performed by numerous local groups. Jimi speaks to the crowd from a flatbed truck, asking people to attend their concert later that night at City Park Stadium. Jimi Hendrix is photographed on stage during The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s August 1, 1968 concert at City Park Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo: Michael Bakkum / © Authentic Hendrix, LLC

Beauregarde Square City Park Stadium Jimi Mitch New Orleans Noel Personal

August 05, 1968

The Experience return to New York City

New York City Personal the experience

August 12, 1968

The Experience return to New York City where Hendrix joins Joan Baez in attendance at the “Operation Airlift Biafra Benefit” at the Scene Club. Hendrix reportedly performs a small set for the event. Jimi Hendrix is joined by Paul Caruso on harmonica at the Record Plant for three demo recordings of “Room Full of Mirrors.”

New York City Operation Airlift Biafra Benefit Personal Scene Club the experience

September 10, 1968

The Experience returns to Los Angeles, California.

California Los Angeles Personal the experience

September 19, 1968

Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell return to London, England.

England London Mitch Mitchell Noel Redding Personal

October 01, 1968

Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding return to Los Angeles. Hendrix travels from Los Angeles International Airport to Honolulu, Hawaii where he is promptly interviewed by Wayne Harada for the October 3 issue of The Honolulu Advertiser.

Hawaii Honolulu Los Angeles Los Angeles International Airport Mitch Mitchell Noel Redding Personal

October 04, 1968

Mitchell and Redding travel to Honolulu where they meet up with Hendrix.

Hendrix Honolulu Mitchell Personal Redding

October 08, 1968

The Experience flies from Honolulu, Hawaii to Los Angeles, California.

California Hawaii Honolulu Los Angeles Personal the experience

November 04, 1968

The Experience return to New York City for few days rest. Several record stores throughout Britain stop selling The Experience’s latest release, Electric Ladyland because of the controversial artwork consisting of 19 naked women on the cover.

Electric Ladyland New York City Personal the experience

December 24, 1968

Hendrix reportedly attends a poetry reading at St. Mark’s Church in New York.

Hendrix new york Personal poetry St. Mark’s Church

January 02, 1969

Jimi, Mitch, and Noel fly from New York’s Kennedy Airport to London’s Heathrow International.

1969 flight Heathrow International January 2 jfk Jimi Kennedy Airport London Mitch new york Noel Personal

February 13, 1969

London, England Jimi attends the Postcard record release party thrown for Apple Records recording artist Mary Hopkins. The event is held at the Post Office Tower restaurant in London.

Mary Hopkins Personal

February 20, 1969

Olympic Studios London, England Hendrix attends but does not participate in a recording session for the group Glass Menagerie. Chas Chandler is the Producer for the session.

England Glass Menagerie London Olympic Studios Personal

February 23, 1969

London, England Jimi sat in for a jam session with Traffic members Dave Mason and Jim Capaldi at the Speakeasy in London.

Dave Mason England Jim Capaldi London Personal Speakeasy Traffic

March 07, 1969

Hendrix visits Noel Redding at Olympic Studios during a recording session for Fat Mattress. Later that evening, Jimi Hendrix travels to Ronnie Scott’s to enjoy an evening of performances by Roland Kirk & His Quartet.

Fat Mattress Noel Redding Olympic Studios Personal

March 08, 1969

Hendrix returns to Ronnie Scott’s Club to watch another night of performances by Roland Kirk. It has been reported but not confirmed that Hendrix joined Kirk on stage for an extended jam session.

Personal Roland Kirk Ronnie Scott’s Club

March 09, 1969

Jimi Hendrix once again reportedly joins Roland Kirk for a jam session at Ronnie Scott’s Club. Afterwards, Kirk visits Hendrix’s Brook Street flat.

Personal Roland Kirk Ronnie Scott’s Club

March 13, 1969

Hendrix flies from London’s Heathrow International Airport to New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport. Back in New York, Hendrix checks into the Pierre Hotel on 5th Avenue.

Heathrow International Airport new york Personal

May 05, 1969

Jimi returned to Toronto, Ontario where he appeared in court before Judge Fred Hayes. Hayes ordered Hendrix to return for a preliminary hearing for possession of narcotics on June 19. Photos of Jimi walking to the court house were later featured on the cover of Rolling Stone’s May 31, 1969 issue.

Judge Fred Hayes narcotics Ontario Personal Rolling Stone Toronto

May 26, 1969

The Experience traveled from San Francisco, California to the Honolulu International Airport in Honolulu, Hawaii.

California Honolulu International Airport Personal San Francisco the experience

June 07, 1969

June 7, 1969 While staying at the Beverly Rodeo Hotel, Hendrix penned the lyrics to “Valleys Of Neptune… Arising” and dated the page June 7, 1969.

Beverly Rodeo Hotel Personal Valleys Of Neptune

June 18, 1969

Hendrix traveled back to Toronto, Ontario to attend his preliminary hearing scheduled for the following day.

drug possession Ontario Personal Toronto trial

July 11, 1969

Jimi made a stop at one of his favorite musical hangouts, Manny’s Music on 156 West 48th Street in New York. Hendrix spent $1,756.30 on various pieces of equipment including an Epiphone Casino, Gibson Les Paul, Echoplex, Innovex plus assorted strings and cords.

Manny’s Music Personal

July 19, 1969

During his stay at the Hotel Navarro in Manhattan, Hendrix penned lyrics to “Ball And Chain” and “Let It Grow”

Ball And Chain Hotel Navarro Personal

November 01, 1969

Jimi Hendrix moves into an apartment at 59 West 12th Street in New York City.

59 West 12th Street apartment New York City Personal

November 06, 1969

Mitch Mitchell attends the wedding ceremony of ex-Experience bassist, Noel Redding and Susan Fowsby in Kent, England while Hendrix remains present in New York City.

Mitch Mitchell Noel Redding Personal Susan Fowsby

November 27, 1969

Jimi Hendrix celebrates his 27th birthday backstage with The Rolling Stones as they perform at Madison Square Garden in New York City. While backstage, Hendrix jams with Mick Taylor of The Stones, a jam that is caught on 16mm film. Afterwards, Hendrix joins The Stones at Mont Key’s home where they continue Jimi’s birthday celebrations.

birthday Madison Square Garden Personal rolling stones

March 09, 1970

Hearing news that Kathy Etchingham had just married, Jimi calls her in London to confirm the account. “I hadn’t heard from Jimi for a while and apparently he was having problems,” explained Etchingham in her book Through Gypsy Eyes (Victor Gallancz, 1998). “He had a disastrous gig at Madison Square Gardens and walked off-stage. Around this time someone must have told him about me getting married to Ray. [Jimi] rang to find out if it was true.”

Kathy Etchingham Personal Through Gypsy Eyes

March 10, 1970

Jimi flies to London where he meets Kathy Etchingham and tries to convince her to leave her new husband and move back to New York, where Jimi assures her, “everything will be all right, all those people I was hanging out with have gone.” With Ray now living with Kathy at her Brook Street flat, Kathy helped get Jimi checked in at the Londonberry Hotel (Park Lane, W1).

Kathy Etchingham Londonberry Hotel Personal

March 13, 1970

While in London, Jimi heads to The Revolution where he attends a performance by Rubber Duck.

London Personal Rubber Duck The Revolution

March 19, 1970

Hendrix flies back to New York City.

New York City Personal

April 23, 1970

Jimi attends a birthday for Jethro Tull’s Glen Cornick in Laurel Canyon.

birthday Glen Cornick Jethro Tull Jimi Hendrix Laurel Canyon Personal

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