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July 29th, 1967

Radio promo announcing a "new group," The Jimi Hendrix Experiencing were joining The Monkees tour and were scheduled to appear on July 29, 1967 in Detroit, MI. The Experience would not perform on this date, having left the tour following their July 16 performance in Queens, New York.

Jimi Hendrix Radio Promo 07/29/1967 by jimihendrixrootmusic

August 30th, 1968

The Experience fly from New York to Salt Lake City, Utah and book into the Newhouse Hotel. In his hotel room, Jimi Hendrix writes the intricate liner notes to Warner Bros. for the production of the Electric Ladyland. (See the liner notes from the 1997 remastered edition of Electric Ladyland for complete note transcription).
The Jimi Hendrix Experience perform at the Langoon Opera House with support from Soft Machine.