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February 03rd, 1967

Tape Log: Purple Haze The studio sessions on February 3rd marked The Experience's first foray into Olympic Studios and their first time working with engineer Eddie Kramer. This initial session saw Hendrix return to the January 11th masters for "Purple Haze" to record some additional overdubs. This initial "Purple Haze" session at Olympic foreshadowed just how creative and cutting edge the team of Hendrix, Chas Chandler and Eddie Kramer would become in the months that followed. This recording session also marked one one of the first times that Hendrix recorded in the studio with Roger Mayer's experimental Octavia effects pedal.

February 07th, 1967

Jimi Hendrix returns to Olympic Studios to complete further work on "Purple Haze" alongside Chas Chandler and Eddie Kramer. Noel Redding contributes some of the background vocals during this session.
Tape Log: Purple Haze

February 08th, 1967

The Experience returned to Olympic Studios where the group completed a final mix on their new single "Purple Haze." Afterwards, the trio revisited the four-track master for "Fire" which was previously worked on at DeLane Lea Studios. In the end, the original DeLane Lea track was basically replaced with new work. "Foxey Lady" received similar treatment, this time revisiting the December 13, 1966 tapes that were conceived at CBS Studios. By the end of the night, a final mix was in hand.
Tape Log: Purple Haze // Fire // Foxey Lady

April 03rd, 1967

The Experience returned to London's Olympic Studios to continue work on their debut album. This significant session resulted in new recordings, overdubs on some unfinished compositions and final mixes for several tracks.

The group focused their initial attention to recording "Highway Chile," with the 8th and final take being flagged as the master. Work then began on "Waterfall" (as originally marked on the tape box). Studio engineer Eddie Kramer later prepared a four-to-four mix of the 4th take during which time the song was retitled as "May This Be Love."

Hendrix then focused his attention on "Title #3" and later "Title #4" which eventually became "Are You Experienced?" Despite the the complexities of these recordings, the full song "Are You Experienced?" was completed start-to-finish in this one session.

Before the session came to a close, final mixes were prepared for "May This Be Love," "Are You Experienced?" and "I Don't Live Today."

The stunning initial take of "Title #4" ["Are You Experienced?"] was included on the 2010 Box Set West Coast Seattle Boy as was one of the outtakes of "May This Be Love."

Tape Log: Highway Chile // Waterfall [aka May This Be Love] // Title #3 // Title #4 [aka Are You Experienced?] // I Don't Live Today

April 04th, 1967

Returning to London's Olympic Studios, an additional four-track-to-four-track reduction mix was created for "Are You Experienced?"

Later the group revisited the January 11, 1967 recordings of "Third Stone From The Sun" before redirecting attention to creating both mono and stereo mixes of "Highway Chile." The mono mix was eventually held back and included alongside a stereo mix of "The Wind Cries Mary" as the trio's third single in the United Kingdom.

Before the session was completed, Hendrix focused once again on the work completed in December 1966 on the song, "Love Or Confusion" which resulted in a final mix being produced and later included on the debut release of Are You Experienced.

Before the session ended, the group worked on the B.B. King inspired "Here He Comes," before putting that aside to focus on complete mixes of songs they had earmarked for the new album."

Tape Log: Are You Experienced? // Third Stone From The Sun // Highway Chile // Love Or Confusion // Here He Comes