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Did you see Jimi Hendrix in concert? Did you meet Jimi Hendrix or have the opportunity to interview him or have some other unique, first-person encounter with Jimi Hendrix? If so, Experience Hendrix wants to hear from you.

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March 01, 1968

Jimi Hendrix, along with Noel Redding, spends the evening at The Scene Club in New York City.

Jimi Hendrix New York City Noel Redding Personal the scene club

March 02, 1968

The Jimi Hendrix Experience perform two shows at Hunter College in New York. The band is supported by John Hammond Jr., Soft Machine, and Mark Boyle’s Sense Laboratory. The Experience’s first show consists of “Fire,” “Hey Joe,” “Foxey Lady,” “Purple Haze,” “I Don’t Live Today,” and “Wild Thing.” The second show, a 35-minute set consists of “Tax Free,” “Foxey Lady,” “Like A Rolling Stone,” “Killing Floor,” and “Red House.” The March 18, 1968 edition of RAT, Subterranean News includes references to the Experience’s performance on this evening, which includes set list references. Michael Thomas interviews Hendrix for an Eye story published in July of the same year. The Jimi Hendrix Experience is photographed in concert at Hunter College, New York, NY on March 2, 1968. Photo: Jeremy Ross / © Authentic Hendrix, LLC

Hunter College John Hammond Jr. Live mark boyle's sense laboratory Michael Thomas Soft Machine The Jimi Hendrix Experience

March 03, 1968

Accompanied on the bill by Dantes, 4 O’Clock Balloon, and Soft Machine, The Experience play Vets Memorial Auditorium in Columbus, Ohio.

4 O’Clock Balloon Columbus Dantes Live Ohio Soft Machine Vets Memorial Auditorium

March 04, 1968

Redding and Mitch Mitchell fly to Nassau (The Bahamas), while Hendrix returns to New York. In the evening, he jams with Eric Clapton at The Scene Club.

Band Eric Clapton Mitch Mitchell Redding the scene club

March 05, 1968

Melody Maker’s Frank Simpson interviews Hendrix for a March 16 piece.

Frank Simpson interview Interviews Melody Maker

March 06, 1968

Mitchell and Redding return to New York. Hendrix jams with The Hollies at The Scene Club.

Mitchell Personal Redding The Hollies the scene club

March 07, 1968

Hendrix and friends, including The Doors’ Jim Morrison jam at The Scene Club (301 West 46th Street) in New York. Among the songs performed are “Red House,” “I’m Gonna Leave This Town,” “Bleeding Heart,” “Tomorrow Never Knows,” and “Sunshine Of Your Love.” As Hendrix breaks in the Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” Morrison falls to the floor and begins moaning obscenities into the microphone.

Bleeding Heart I’m Gonna Leave This Town Jim Morrison Live Red House sunshine of your love The Doors the scene club Tomorrow Never Knows

March 08, 1968

The Experience performs at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

Brown University Live Providence Rhode Island the experience

March 09, 1968

Supported by Soft Machine, The Experience play New York State University in Long Island, New York. Included in the evening’s performance are “Red House,” “I Don’t Live Today,” “Purple Haze,” and “Wild Thing.”

i don't live today Live Long Island new york New York State University Purple Haze Red House Soft Machine the experience

March 10, 1968

The Experience play two shows at the Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C. The band is joined by Soft Machine and Mark Boyle’s Sense Laboratory. The first set includes: “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” “Hey Joe,” “Foxey lady,” “The Wind Cries Mary,” “Red House,” “Purple Haze,” and “Wild Thing.” The second set, lasting 36-minutes consists of “Killing Floor,” “Foxey Lady,” “The Wind Cries Mary,” “Fire,” “Red House,” “I Don’t Live Today,” “Purple Haze,” and “Wild Thing.”

D.C. Hilton Hotel Live Mark Boyle Sense Laboratory Soft Machine the experience washington

March 14, 1968

Hendrix attends a reception for Soft Machine at The Scene Club.

Personal reception Soft Machine the scene club

March 15, 1968

The Experience and Soft Machine play two sold out at Atwood Hall on the campus of Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. Among the songs performed on this night include: “Are You Experienced?,” “Fire,” “Hey Joe,” “Star Spangled Banner,” “Foxey Lady,” “Purple Haze,” and “Wild Thing.” Jack Tubert interviews Hendrix for the Worcester Daily Telegraph for a story published the next day. The band is also interviewed by Tony Palmer for a November 3 BBC broadcast, “All My Loving.”

Atwood Hall Clark University Live Massachusetts Soft Machine the experience Worcester

March 15, 1968

Here’s the voice of Experience — Jimi Hendrix – Jane Scott They’re hotter than a Hullabaloo at high noon in Haiti. And it’s only 11 more days (count ’em!) until the big Experience at Public Music Hall. So what will the Jimi Hendrix Experience play at the two WKYC whambangs on March 12? They never know, Jimi admitted in a telephone interview from New York. “SEE, WE get out there and someone says ‘What shall we do”’ and then somehow we do it,” said bass-guitar player Noel Redding, 22. That should go down somewhere as the understatement of ’68. Jimi was voted the world’s top pop musician in Britain’s anual Melody Makers Poll this fall. The trio’s Reprise LP “Axis: Bold as Love” whipped up 116 places on the charts in one week. It’s No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot LP list now. Their first show here sold out in one hour and 45 minutes and the second is a sell-out, too. WELL, YES, they’re a little controversial. Jimi has been known to smash his guitar to smithereens, play it on his stomach or even with his teeth. The San Francisco Daughters of the American Revolution blocked the trio’s appearance with the Monkees last year. And that hair! “They seem to be singing their way to an electrocution,” wrote a Newsweek reporter. Does look a little like old scared Shredded Wheat. “Mine is only to my shoulders so I’m letting it grow,” said Noel. “It’s sort of curly and it kind of sticks out. I have to wash it every other day.” RIGHT now they all have moustaches, but may shave them before Cleveland day. “Right now I’m wearing red boots, pink trousers, a ruffly shirt and a yellow jacket,” reported Noel. “And Jim, he’s over there in green trousers and a blue ruffled shirt and a big black hat with a feather that’s broke off at the top.” The Experience were having their pictures taken for a magazine. But Newsweek hasn’t heard the half of it. “THE OTHER night after our Washington show Mitch (Mitch Mitchell the drummer) poked his head in my room and said he thought he’d like to go to London and we haven’t seen him since,” said Noel. (Mitch is due back today, though.) You know the scoop. Noel and Mitch are 22 and 21-year-old Englishmen and Jimi is a Seattle native, 22, who made it big in Britain. Why do they call themselves the Experience? “Because good, bad or indifferent, it’s an experience.” said Jimi. NOW ABOUT that first name. “My grandmother spelled it that way,” he answered. Jimi, born Nov. 27, 1945, had two big breaks, one of them good. The first was a back injury after a parachute jump that closed his military career at 16. The second was a drop-in visit from Chas Chandler of the Animals at his gig with a combo in the Cafe Wha? in Greenwich Village. Chandler talked Hendrix into heading for England. “And that’s where I met him,” said Noel. I came down to audition for the Animals and this guy comes up and asked me if I could play bass. I said ‘I’ll have it a try,’ and I was in.” ONE MONTH later the Jimi Hendrix Experience played their first gig in Paris and the rest is history. You know about their smash success at the Monterey Internationa] Pop Festival in June. Noel, born in Folkstone, Kent on Dec. 25, 1945, started out on the violin at 13, studied art a year at an art college. “Modern art, it was. Lost my touch a bit now, but I could always go back someday,” he said. He borrowed that money for the historic audition. The other member, Mitch, had a fiery career before becoming “Experienced.” He began training in dancing and acting at age three, did TV commercials at 10 and traveled around the world a year with Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames. Mitch was also a demand drummer on London recording sessions and played in the orchestra of Britian’s TV show, “Ready, Steady, Go.” MITCH WAS born in London on July 9, 1946. “We all live in London now, but were kind of elusive about where,” said Noel. How would THEY describe a Jimi Hendrix Experience? “I don’t know. We’re wild, I guess. And free. We just play what we want. We’re just us. Well, I’d guess you’d say we’re spontaneous. Once I fell off a stage, in Milwaukee. I got a big scratch on me leg. It’s still there,” said Noel. NOEL DIGS Ray Charles, the Beatles, the small Faces, the Traffic. (“You haven’t heard about them? You will!”) and the Move. Speaking of moves, traveling has kept them from getting married. “Mitch was engaged last year but it broke off. Not enough time,” Noel said. Noel would consider the rings and rice bit in maybe three years. “American girls” They’re different but I can’t tell you how,” he said. The group hopes to have their third album out by May. Noel did three songs on it, but the majority was written by Jimi. “I LIKE the softer songs, like ‘Burn the Midnight Lamp,’ ” said Jimi. That’s on the next album. And this top trio click in off hours, too. Cameras, that is. Mitch has a Nikon. Noel has a Yashica and a movie camera and Jimi has everything from a Polaroid to a Reflex. But Jimi Hendrix had his biggest experience Feb. 33. He went back to Seattle. Back to Garfield High where he’d dropped out when he was 16. And got an honorary diploma. Incidentally, this was one performance where teens didn’t have to have tickets. The principal dismissed the first hour classes to hear him.

Experience live interview Jane Scott Jimi Media Mitch Noel

March 16, 1968

The Experience, Soft Machine, The Hanseatic League, and Terry and The Telstars perform at Lewiston Armory in Lewiston, Maine.

Lewiston Lewiston Armory Live Maine Soft Machine Terry and The Telstars the experience The Hanseatic League

March 17, 1968

Hendrix jams at New York’s Café A Go Go with Elvin Bishop, Harvey Brooks, and Paul Butterfield. Featured are “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright,” “Stormy Monday,” “Three Little Bears,” and “Little Wing.”

Elvin Bishop Harvey Brooks Live New York’s Café A Go Go Paul Butterfield

March 19, 1968

The Experience, along with Soft Machine, play two shows at the Capitol Theatre in Ottawa, Canada. The first show includes: “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” “Fire,” “Foxey Lady,” “Red House,” and “I Don’t Live Today.” The second show features: “Killing Floor,” “Tax Free,” “Red House,” “Foxey Lady,” “Hey Joe,” “Spanish Castle Magic,” “Purple Haze,” and “Wild Thing.” Hendrix continued to write in his journal regularly and includes this entry about today. “Arrived in Ottawa – Beautiful hotel – Strange people … Beautiful dinner. Talked to Joni Mitchell on the phone – I think I’ll record her tonight with my excellent tape recorder. knock on wood Hmm … can’t find any wood — everything’s plastic. Beautiful view. Marvelous sound on first show. Good on 2nd. Good recording. Went down to the little club to see Joni – fantastic girl with heaven words – we all go to party – OK.. millions of girls. Listen to tapes and smoked back at hotel.” Jimi Hendrix is photographed in concert during one of two performance at the Capitol Theatre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on March 19, 1968. Photo: Ian McLeish / © Authentic Hendrix, LLC

Canada Capitol Theatre Live Ottawa Soft Machine the experience

March 20, 1968

Hendrix writes in his journal today: “We left Ottawa City today – I kissed Joni goodbye, slept in the car awhile. Stopped at a highway diner. I mean a Real one like in the movies. Mitch and I discuss our plans for movie. Slight disagreement here and there but it will be soon straightened out. Nothing happened in Rochester tonight. Went to a very bad bad (illegible) bad tasting restaurant. Thugs follow us. They probably was sacred. Couldn’t figure us out. Me with my Indian hat and Mexican moustach [sic], Mitch with his fairy tale jacket and Noel with his leapeord [sic] band hat and glasses and hair. And accent. G’nite all.”

journal Mitch Noel Personal

March 21, 1968

The Experience, Soft Machine, Jesse First Carnival, and Mark Boyle’s Sense Laboratory play the Community War Memorial in Rochester, New York. The performance includes: “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” “Spanish Castle Magic,” “Hey Joe,” “Foxey Lady,” “The Wind Cries Mary,” “Red House,” “I Don’t Live Today,” “Purple Haze,” and “Wild Thing.” Jimi writes in his diary, “Today we play Rochester, NY. Really a strange town … oh well … two girls came up to my room by the names of Heidi and Barbra [sic]. Real groovy people. We played one show tonight. Very bad P.A. Bad hall, patient people, but I kind of lost my temper with everything in general. Recorded show with tape recorder. After show we go to girls house with party material. Someone outside got beat up the (illegible). Stayed there over night in the (illegible) room. OK.”

and Mark Boyle’s Sense Laboratory Community War Memorial Jesse First Carnival Live new york Rochester Soft Machine the experience

March 22, 1968

The Experience appear at The Bushnell Memorial Hall, accompanied by The Bowl and Soft Machine. The March 23, 1968 edition of The Hartford Courant indicates that “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” “Fire,” “I Don’t Live Today,” and “Little Wing” are performed on this evening. Jimi makes another journal entry, “Today we are in Hartford ((illegible) I had a beautiful diary I kept while we were in Sweden – and of course I lost it. Hmmm… I wonder what Catherina is doing now. I must call her soon before she gets to Switzerland. She’s the only thing I have to hold on to that’s real. Better call her soon. Beautiful room I have. Bought more film, tape, ect… Just came back from gig. Terrible – the people thought we were great. Stage manager dropped the power right into the middle of our act. So I am depressed. Gonna get completed smashed… Let’s see … Where’s that bottle – hmmmm …”

Live Soft Machine The Bowl The Bushnell Memorial Hall the experience

March 23, 1968

The Experience, Soft Machine, Jesse First Carnival, and Mark Boyle’s Sense Laboratory perform at Memorial Auditorium in Buffalo, New York.

Buffalo Jesse First Carnival Live mark boyle's sense laboratory Memorial Auditorium new york Soft Machine the experience

March 24, 1968

The Experience play the IMA Auditorium in Flint, Michigan. They are joined on the bill by Soft Machine, The Rationals, and Fruit of the Loom.

Flint Fruit of the Loom Live MA Auditorium Michigan Soft Machine the experience the rationals

March 25, 1968

Hendrix jams with a band named Good Earth at Otto’s Grotto in Cleveland, Ohio. He is interviewed by Jane Scott of The Plain Dealer. The interview is published on March 29.

Cleveland Good Earth Jane Scott Live Ohio Otto’s Grotto The Plain Dealer

March 26, 1968

Hendrix and Redding are interviewed on-air by Chuck Dunaway at WKYC in Cleveland. They also answer questions from callers. Hendrix, known for his love of fast cars, buys a blue Corvette Stingray at Blaushild’s Chevrolet in Cleveland. In an interview with John McDermott, Leon Dicker (attorney & US representative for Yameta, the Animals’ parent company), recalls “I knew he [Jimi] didn’t have a driver’s license… He drove it once – down a one-way street. He was cited for that, as well as not having a driving license. The next day, Hendrix left for Indiana, and [Michael] Jeffery had the car shipped to New York.” That night, the band plays two shows at The Public Music Hall. The first show includes: “Foxey Lady,” “Catfish Blues,” “Hey Joe,” “Purple Haze,” and “Wild Thing.” The second performance featured: “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” “Fire,” “I Don’t Live Today,” “Red House,” “Foxey Lady,” “Spanish Castle Magic,” “Manic Depression,” “Purple Haze,” and “Wild Thing.” Redding recalls the evening was marred by “a very real bomb scare at the hall,” which reportedly delayed the second show for a while. Hendrix is interviewed by Dick Wootten for The Cleveland Press (March 27); The Plain Dealer Sunday Magazine (April 28); and Bruno Bornino for The Cleveland Press (March 29). During the interview with Bornino, Hendrix gives him a string of love beads.

Chuck Dunaway Cleveland Dick Wootten interview Interviews WKYC

March 27, 1968

The Experience, Soft Machine, Glass Calendar, and Mark Boyle’s Sense Laboratory play the Teen America Building, Lion’s Delaware County Fairgrounds, in Muncie, Indiana.

Glass Calendar Indiana Lion’s Delaware County Fairgrounds Live mark boyle's sense laboratory Muncie Soft Machine Teen America Building the experience

March 27, 1968

March 27, 1968 Jimi Hendrix Experience is the wildest thing here – Jane Scott “And now “Wild Thing!'” announced Jimi Hendrix. Then the wildness began last night at Public Music Hall. The tall, stove-pipe slim singer in the rainbow-hued jacket and big black hat started making love to his white guitar. He played it with his teeth. He knelt in front of it. He tore off the strings. And he tossed it behind him. “What an experience!” said Chris Bernard, 16, of Rocky River High. “Wow! This was the ultimate!” “GREATEST thing I’ve seen,” said Denny Marek, player with the local Lost Souls group. “After this Motown is dead.” Some thought it was too great. Police pushed four or five boys off the stage. “They swung at me, but I got it,” exulted John Paulisin, 15, Cathedral Latin School, holding up a guitar string. This was Jimi Hendrix, drummer Mitch Mitchell and guitarist Noel Redding of the Jimi Hendrix Experience and it was an experience that many will never forget. WOULD YOU believe a Seattle-born Negro who had to go to England to make it? A left-hander who plays a right-handed Fender guitar backwards? Hendrix is the hottest musical property since the Monkees. He was voted top pop musician in the world in England’s Melody Maker’s Poll last year. “Freakin” funky,” Hendrix described his music yesterday afternoon. At 8:15 p.m. WKYC’s emcee, Chuck Dunaway, stopped the show to ask teens to look under their seats. Three threatening phone calls had been received, but were proved to be a hoax. Hendrix received $18,000 for the two shows but will leave a reported $8,000 here. He bought a blue Corvette with all the trimmings at Blaushild’s Chevrolet earlier yesterday.

Experience Jimi Hendrix Media

March 28, 1968

The Experience play two shows at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are joined on the bill by Soft Machine. Hendrix and Redding are interviewed by The Cincinnati Inquirer. The story is published April 7. The Jimi Hendrix Experience are photographed during their performance at the Xavier University Fieldhouse in Cincinnati, Ohio on March 28, 1968. Photo: © Authentic Hendrix, LLC

Cincinnati Live Ohio Soft Machine the experience Xavier University

March 29, 1968

The Experience, joined by Soft Machine, play Chicago University.

Chicago University Live Soft Machine the experience

March 30, 1968

The Experience, again supported by Soft Machine, play Toledo University in Toledo, Ohio.

Live Ohio Soft Machine the experience Toledo Toledo University

March 31, 1968

The Experience, Soft Machine, and Woody’s Truck Stop play the Arena in Philadelphia.

Arena in Philadelphia. Live Soft Machine the experience Woody’s Truck Stop

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