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June 11th, 1968

It is unknown to what extent any studio efforts on this date had as no multitrack masters or tape copies are known to exist. However, the master list of tape boxes from the Record Plant sesssions refers to a track titled, “Inside Out” as having been recorded on this date. It has been reported that Buddy Miles, Jack Bruce and Jim McCarty may have joined Hendrix in the studio on this date.


June 17th, 1968

A series of overdubs and remixes of “Gypsys Eyes” are completed with Eddie Kramer at the Record Plant.


June 28th, 1968

The final mixes for “Rainy Day, Dream Away” are prepared are the Record Plant. It is decided that two separate songs can be created from this one recording – resulting in the original track being split into “Rainy Day, Dream Away” and “Still Raining, Still Dreaming.”
Hendrix attends the Soul Together – the Martin Luther King Memorial Concert at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan. Jimi donates $5,000 to the memorial fund.


June 29th, 1968

Progress is made during the mixing of, “At Last … The Beginning,” which later becomes “…And The Gods Made Love” during this session at the Record Plant.