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April 01st, 1969

Olmstead Studios, New York
Studio Recording

1) Bleeding Heart
2) Guitar Idea
3) Ezy Ryder
4) Midnight
5) Bleeding Heart
6) Villanova Junction Blues
7) Jam

Following a difficult and unproductive series of sessions at Olympic Studios in February 1969, the Experience did not return to the recording studio as a unit until April, when they gathered with engineer Eddie Kramer at New York’s Olmstead Studios to try and recapture their momentum.


April 03rd, 1969

Olmstead Studios, New York
Studio Recording

2)Trash Man

Takes of the extended instrumental workouts “Midnight” and “Trash Man” were the most promising songs to emerge from these early April 1969 Olmstead sessions.

“Midnight” had begun to take form two months earlier at the February 1969 sessions at Olympic Studios. The song was originally titled “Midnight Lightning” before Jimi shortened it simply to “Midnight”. “Midnight” is now available as part of the 1998 album South Saturn Delta.

A heavily truncated version of “Trash Man”, filled out with posthumously recorded overdubs, was issued part of the controversial [and long since deleted] 1975 album Midnight Lightning.


April 04th, 1969

April 4, 1969

Olmstead Studios, New York
Studio Recording

1)Trash Man