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The Battle For Berkeley – May 30, 1970

By Dave Thompson. If any city in America could claim to possess the heart and soul of student protest, it was Berkeley, California. By the time The Jimi Hendrix Experience arrived in the city on May 30, 1970 to perform at the local Community Theatre, the city was engulfed in a series of protests... against the war ... against the Kent State massacre ... and against high ticket prices for the new Woodstock movie. Here’s a day in the life of Jimi Hendrix; one city under siege; one small venue, two historic Memorial Day concert performances and the recordings that spawned the film – Jimi Plays Berkeley – and a companion album release.

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Come In, Come In: Jimi Hendrix Lands in the Lone Star State

By John McDermott. In our Summer 2000 issue of Experience Hendrix magazine, we detailed Jimi’s two May 8, 1970 concerts at the University of Oklahoma. That feature unearthed numerous fascinating historical details, previously unpublished photographs, plus details of the photographer, Rick Vittenson’s earlier encounter with Jimi Hendrix in Dallas, Texas on April 20, 1969. We have since expanded upon our previously published featured with an audience recording from the Dallas concert, plus an additional filmed interview with Hendrix at the airport upon his arrival in the city.

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