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In a feature article, CNN spoke with Janie Hendrix and others about Jimi Hendrix's impact on music, and discussed how some of the recordings on "West Coast Seattle Boy" may give listeners more insight into how Jimi was evolving as an artist.

You can read the full article at CNN.

Jimi Hendrix's new single, an alternate version of "Love Or Confusion," has jumped up Billboard's Hot Singles Sales Chart to No. 4 from No. 25 in the magazine's October 16th issue. The track also will be included in the upcoming release of "West Coast Seattle Boy - The Jimi Hendrix Anthology" 5-disc boxed set, which hits stores on November 16th.


Janie and Jimi Hendrix in Seattle, 12 February 1968. © ULVIS ALBERTS

"Jimi was an icon, of course, but to me he was always just Jimi, my older brother. He was a special kind of brother, though. Even before I realized how incredibly talented he was and that he had become a star, I knew there was always something a little magical about him. I think it was just in the way he acted towards me and how good I felt when I was around him.