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August 24th, 1970

This Electric Lady Studios session was devoted entirely to enhancements on the “Dolly Dagger” master.


August 27th, 1970

Jimi Hendrix travels from New York to London, England with Eric Barrett. Upon his arrival in London, Jimi is interviewed by The Times for a September 1 feature.


August 28th, 1970

Jimi participates in a series of interviews at his suite at the Londonberry Hotel. Among the interviewees include Gillian Saich (New Musical Express, September 5), Bob Partridge (Record Mirror, September 19), and Norman Joplin (Music Now, September 12).
Hendrix applies for a working visa at the Swedish Embassy in London so that he can perform there in the coming weeks. Later that night Jimi is joined by Steven Stills and Billy Cox at The Speakeasy.


August 29th, 1970

Jimi continues to give interviews with the British Press including Roy Hollingworth (Melody Maker, September 5), Mike Legerwood (Disc, September 12), and Steve Clackson (The Sunday Mirror, September 20).