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January 23rd, 1970

Record Plant, New York
Studio Recording

A wild evening of inspired jamming by Jimi. One of the evening’s many highlights was a remarkable “Villanova Junction Blues” that lasted over fifteen minutes. Several other extended jams were recorded on this evening including “MLK,” “Slow Time Blues,” “Country Blues,” and “Burning Desire.”

In addition to Cox and Miles, an unidentified harmonica player would also join Hendrix. Jimi and company launched into a lengthy workout of Carl Perkins’ “Blue Suede Shoes.” An edited version of this recording was later included as part of the 1973 international compilation Loose Ends. Hendrix also made efforts at “Freedom,” “Midnight Lightning,” and “Highways Of Desire”. This work gradually segued into “Seven Dollars In My Pocket,” an impromptu blues.

Following the blues groove already set in place, Hendrix then began “Country Blues”. This extraordinary recording was not a numbered take, but rather another inspired jam session. Hendrix, Cox, and Miles relished such interplay and “Country Blues” is a joyous example of their shared musical vocabulary. This recording would become one of the highlights of The Jimi Hendrix Experience box set issued in September 2000. One other song from this session, an edited version of the blues workout “Once I Had A Woman,” has also been released, last included as part of the 1994 collection Jimi Hendrix :Blues (Experience Hendrix/MCA, MCAD-11060).


January 23rd, 1970

With Bob Hughes and Dave Ragno monitoring the control desk, Hendrix guided the band through lively renditions of "Villanova Junction Blues" including one take lasting in excess of fifteen minutes. Several extended jams were recorded on this evening including "MLK," "Slow Time Blues," and "Burning Desire."

Later joined by an unidentified harp player, Hendrix leads the session through another extended track, this time Carl Perkins' "Blue Suede Shoes." Joined by Billy Cox, Hendrix also dabbled around "Freedom" and "Highways Of Desire" the later which gradually segued into "Seven Dollars In My Pocket."

Following the blues groove already set in place, Hendrix then began to tackle "Midnight Lightning," "Freedom," "Country Blues," and "Once I Had A Woman." In 1974, an edited take of "Once I Had A Woman" featuring overdubbed harmonica parts by Buddy Lucas was prepped for 1975's compilation Midnight Lightning (Reprise Records, MS 2229). An extended rendition was also later included on 1994's Jimi Hendrix :Blues (Experience Hendrix/MCA, MCAD-11060).