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May 01st, 1969

Freelance journalist, Sharon Lawrence interviews Jimi Hendrix in his room at The Beverly Hills Hotel.


May 06th, 1969

Record Plant, New York
Studio Recording

Jimi returned to New York and booked an evening session at the Record Plant dedicated to playbacks of previously recorded material and mixing. His session concluded at 2:30 a.m. and the guitarist left the studio to go to the Scene nightclub.


May 07th, 1969

Record Plant, New York
Studio Recording

1) “Jam #1”
2) “Jam #2”
3) “Ships Passing Through The Night”
4) “Jam Part II” [“The Things I Used To Do”]

In the early morning hours of May 7, Jimi returned from the nearby Scene Club with Steve Stills and Johnny Winter in tow. The three guitarists enjoyed a lengthy jam session which culminated in a rollicking rendition of Guitar Slim’s “The Things I Used To Do”.

Memorial Coliseum, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
With Fat Mattress, Cat Mother & The All Night Newsboys

Later that afternoon, Hendrix joined Mitchell, Redding and his road crew to fly to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The group checked into the Ramada Inn in Tuscaloosa prior to performing that evening at the Memorial Coliseum.

Jimi Hendrix is photographed during The Experience’s performance at Memorial Coliseum in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on May 7, 1969.

Photo: Marshal Haglar / © Authentic Hendrix, LLC


May 12th, 1969

Album Release

Sunrise by Eire Apparent is released in England. The album was produced by Jimi and features the guitarist making guest appearances on several tracks including, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Band,” “Yes I Need Someone,” “The Clown,” “Captive In The Sun,” and “Mr. Guy Fawkes”.


May 13th, 1969

Record Plant, New York
Studio Recording

1) Keep On Groovin’
2) Jam Session
3) Solo Demos

A long evening dedicated solely to jamming. Jimi was joined by bassist Billy Cox, organist Sharon Layne, an unnamed percussionist, and a second guitarist known only as Sean.