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January 02nd, 1968

Hendrix jams with Al Sykes and John Mayall at Klooks Kleek in the Railway Hotel in Hampstead.


January 04th, 1968

In the early morning hours, Hendrix reportedly becomes angry when fans try to get into his room at the Hotel Opalen. Police in Gothenberg arrest him for smashing a plate glass window. He is taken to a local hospital, where he receives stitches in his right hand.
That night, the group plays at Lorensbergs Cirkus in Gothenburg. Mecki Mark Men and Baby Grandmothers are also on the bill. The first show set list is comprised of: “Foxy Lady,” “The Wind Cries Mary,” “Fire,” “Hey Joe,” “Come On (Part One),” and “Purple Haze.” For the second show, the band plays: “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” “Fire,” “Hey Joe,” “Foxy Lady,” “The Wind Cries Mary,” “Catfish Blues,” and “Purple Haze.”
Oscar Hedlund interviews Jimi Hendrix and Gerry Stickells for Dagens Nyheter. The interview is published the following day.


January 07th, 1968

The Experience performs two shows at Konserthall in Copenhagen. One of the two sets is comprised of: “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” “Fire,” “Hey Joe,” “Catfish Blues,” “The Wind Cries Mary,” “Purple Haze,” “Spanish Castle Magic,” and “Wild Thing.”
Hendrix is interviewed by Claes Hanning for a January 8 Expressen piece.


January 08th, 1968

The Experience fly to Stockholm for two shows at Stora Salen, Konserthuset. Mecki Mark Men and Baby Grandmothers open. During the first show, the band plays: “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” “EXP,” “Up From The Skies,” “Spanish Castle Magic,” “Foxy Lady,” “Little Wing,” “Fire,” “Catfish Blues,” “The Wind Cries Mary,” and “Purple Haze.”
Christian Stafstrom interviews Hendrix for an Aftonbladet story published January 9, and by Leif H. Andersson for “Pop 68 Special,” a Swedish radio program broadcast on January 14.
The band returns to Gothenburg so that Hendrix can attend his court appearance.


January 10th, 1968

Hendrix checks in at Gothenburg police headquarters. He must report there every day until January 15.