Mar 29 2024

By Experience Hendrix.

I’M TOLD I HAD A GOOD TIME – The Micky Dolenz Archives

The new Jimi Hendrix short documentary film From The Monkees To The Hollywood Bowl which premiered in October 2023 featured a newly shot interview with The Monkees’ Micky Dolenz who recalled Jimi Hendrix’s involvement on their July 1967 US Tour. In preparing that film, we were also in contact with Andrew Sandoval­Micky’s and The Monkees’ long-time producer, manager and archivist­who compiled, curated, and published Micky Dolenz’s newly released book: I’m Told I Had A Good Time: The Micky Dolenz Archives. To mark the release; they have shared a few rare images from Dolenz’s personal collection plus a unique anecdote from the new book published last December.

Available in three unique editions—Super Deluxe (autographed & numbered), Deluxe and Flexibound—I’m Told I Had A Good Time is a lavishly illustrated, 500-page tomb that showcases more than 1,200 images including hundreds of previously unseen photos taken by Micky Dolenz throughout his career.  Not exclusive to just The Monkees, Sandoval’s compilation chronicles Micky Dolenz’s life and career from his earliest childhood stardom in the 1950’s television series Circus Boy and into the Sixties as a member of the pop culture juggernauts The Monkees through to his career as a television director based in England.

I’M TOLD I HAD A GOOD TIME – The Micky Dolenz Archives

Packed with photos and memorabilia from Dolenz’s personal collection, most of this content has never previously been published.   Some of the highlights include candid images hanging out with fellow musicians including The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Stephen Stills, Keith Moon, plus numerous unseen photos showcasing The Jimi Hendrix Experience in July 1967 as they toured with The Monkees as the group’s opening act.

We’re happy to share with Hendrix fans, a few select images from the book plus one anecdote from Micky about their time together at Monterey Pop.

“I remember being offstage in the wings with Henry Diltz during The Who’s set [on June 18]. He was really getting up close and they’re smashing their equipment; things are exploding. And I’m grabbing him, trying to pull him out of the way. I do remember seeing The Jimi Hendrix Experience coming out after that. I guess that’s when I told Bert Schneider or Bob Rafelson that they’d be a good opener for our tour.”

I’M TOLD I HAD A GOOD TIME – The Micky Dolenz Archives

“Then, after the whole thing was over, as everything was shutting down — this is two, three, four o’clock in the morning — everybody’s walking around and giving stuff away. I end up in a tent with Jimi Hendrix.”

I’M TOLD I HAD A GOOD TIME – The Micky Dolenz Archives

“They brought in amps to a small little tent that had been used for something else. There were only a dozen people, it seems, sitting on the ground around crates and chairs. It was just guitars. Everybody was wiped out.”

I’M TOLD I HAD A GOOD TIME – The Micky Dolenz Archives

“But somehow, I knew or had been told that orange juice would help. I have no idea if that’s true. But all I remember is going out trying to find oranges for everybody. And I did. I found somebody who had half a crate of oranges. And I remember distinctly coming back, and I must have had a pocketknife or something. I cut up oranges and put one into Jimi Hendrix’s mouth as he he’s playing. For some reason, that sticks out. But that’s about all I remember of Monterey.”

– Micky Dolenz, from the book I’m Told I Had A Good Time
I’M TOLD I HAD A GOOD TIME – The Micky Dolenz Archives

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