Morning Symphony Ideas

July 25, 2000

Morning Symphony Ideas is an extraordinary collection of previously unreleased studio and home demo recordings.

Dagger’s two previous releases, Live At The Oakland Coliseum and Live At Clark University presented the original Jimi Hendrix Experience on tour at the peak of their powers. Morning Symphony Ideas places its focus on Jimi’s songwriting and his unique approach toward developing new material at home and in the recording studio.

These six 1969 and 1970 studio and home demo recordings reveal the earliest stages of Jimi’s songwriting technique.

Track Listing

Disc 1
  1. 1. Keep On Grooving
  2. 2. Jungle
  3. 3. Room Full Of Mirrors
  4. 4. Strato Strut
  5. 5. Scorpio Woman (Morning Symphony Ideas)
  6. 6. Acoustic Demo