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Valleys of Neptune tribute to Jimi Hendrix

1. Andy Fairweather Low - Touring with the Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1967
2. Billy Cox - Jimi Hendrix was looking for his destiny
3. Janie Hendrix - What Jimi Hendrix was really like
4. John McDermott - Valleys of Neptune album is fully-formed ideas
5. Eddie Kramer - The formation of the New Experience
Jimi Hendrix Valleys of Neptune Podcast series featuring John McDermott, Eddie Kramer, Billy Cox & Jimi's younger sister and CEO of Experience Hendrix, Janie Hendrix.

This special four-hour radio program hosted by Steve Downes takes listeners on a spectacular musical journey through the life and legacy of music's most celebrated guitarist, Jimi Hendrix.

Host Joe Benson takes you on a behind-the-scenes journey into the studio with the producers of First Rays Of The New Rising Sun and the stunning digitally remastered release of Jimi Hendrix's original core music catalog.

Jim Ladd hosts this stunning classic radio documentary highlighting the world broadcast premiere of the 1999 release of Hendrix: Live At The Fillmore East.

In The Studio's Red Beard hosts the special 30th Anniversary celebration of the original Woodstock Art & Music Fair. This colorful flashback includes a chronological expose of Hendrix's historic festival performance from August 18, 1969.

Jim Ladd hosts this nearly four hour radio documentary highlighting the critically acclaimed release of the The Jimi Hendrix Experience 4CD / 8LP box set.

Join host Dan Neer and Media America as they celebrate the music of Jimi Hendrix in this insightful, 3-hour radio documentary Jimi Hendrix: Inside The Experience.

Join host Dan Neer and show producers John McDermott and Eddie Kramer as they delve deep behind the music, life, and legacy of Rock's greatest guitarist in this special 2-hour presentation, "Hendrix: Setting The Record Straight."