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Avril 08th, 1968

At New York’s Drake Hotel (East 56th Street), Hendrix records 36-minutes of demos in his room, including: “Long Hot Summer Night,” “1983…(A Merman I Should Turn To Be),” “Moon Turn The Tides … Gently, Gently Away,” “Angel,” “Cherokee Mist,” “Hear My Train A Comin’,” “Voodoo Chile,” and “Gypsy Eyes.” Eleven minutes of recordings including “Angel,” “1983…(A Merman I Should Turn To Be),” and “Moon Turn The Tides … Gently, Gently Away” are broadcast on the Bob Harris Show on BBC Radio 1 on November 13, 1992.


Avril 12th, 1968

Smash Hits is released in the United Kingdom (Track, 613 400). The album includes: “Purple Haze,” “Fire,” “The Wind Cries Mary,” “Can You See Me,” “51st Anniversary,” “Hey Joe,” “Stone Free,” “The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice,” “Manic Depression,” “Highway Chile,” “Burning Of The Midnight Lamp,” and “Foxy Lady.”


Avril 18th, 1968

The Experience record “Long Hot Summer Night” at The Record Plant (321 West 44th Street) in New York. Al Kooper later overdubs piano on the track. It was during this session that Hendrix gave Kooper his Stratocaster, (See Issue #5, page 6, ‘None Take Hendrix Strat’ for details on recent Auction featuring this guitar).


Avril 20th, 1968

For three days, the band rehearses and records “Little Miss Strange” at The Record Plant. The track is first recorded under the title, “Lilacs For Captain Curry’s Coffin” (or “Little Miss Strange Test Session”). On the second day of recordings, the song takes it’s final naming incarnation, “Little Miss Strange.”


Avril 22nd, 1968

In addition to the final recordings for Redding’s “Little Miss Strange,” five recordings of “1983… (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)” were laid to tape. Overdubs a rough mixes were also developed for “Three Little Bears” and “Gypsy Eyes.”